Ortiz challenges The Rock in defense of Donald Trump

While being one of the most notable and prominent mixed martial artists of all time, Jacob “Tito” Ortiz is famous for his eccentric personality. Most recently, he called out actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson.

A few days earlier, Dwayne Johnson reacted to the riots in the United States regarding the murder of George Floyd and called on Donald Trump to start doing something. The requests to stop the unrest in the country ricocheted off and went straight to Roca when Tito Ortiz posted a video on his Twitter page and asked why Johnson did nothing for his hometown while it was robbed and destroyed.

MMA fighter and pro-wrestler Ortiz sent The Rock a challenge and said he was ready to fight against all celebrities who do nothing for their country while criticizing the rest. He declared to have always been a big fan of Dwayne Rock Johnson, but recent events changed his mind.

The incredible career of Dwayne Johnson

Known as one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of this type of competition and as one of the best actors in the USA Jonson has a bachelor’s degree in criminology and physiology.

The guy’s athletic future was predetermined in some respects in his childhood. The future star of the ring and cinema was born on May 2, 1972. His father was a wrestler, and his grandfather was professionally involved in the same sport. Dwayne’s grandmother worked to promote the then-popular wrestling federation in the states. Thus, heavy shells and muscular athletes have surrounded Dwayne since his childhood. That is why he began training in athletic sports from an early age.

Due to his father’s sports career, the future star and his family had to move from one state to another more than once. Therefore, the guy changed many schools. However, everywhere he successfully demonstrated his physical abilities. In addition to a craving for the gym, Dwayne has successfully proved himself in school football teams. In his last school, he began to take part in the weightlifting team.

Being a Canadian from the father’s side, in his prime years of wrestling Johnson was incredibly popular in Canada. And with the development of the gambling industry, his popularity resulted in casinos as well. Even though he considers himself an American, he always expressed love to Canada, while the latter in its turn decided to introduce online casino promotions for Canadians based on The Rock. Even now the appearance of Dwayne Johnson and WWE has served as a basis for various slots and games.

The first years in the ring and the fight for the champion title

In the mid-nineties, World Wrestling Entertainment experienced the largest at that time transformation. Dwayne Johnson became one of its members, despite the fact that he had not too much experience fighting in the ring by then.

It is worth noting that the rules in this sport were much tougher then than now. In particular, among the players, there were clear distinctions by roles.

Due to lack of experience, Johnson initially joined the first ones, trying to make a good impression on the public. It turned out that he didn’t do as well as the future champion would have liked, and soon the audience began to boo him for a boring fight, as it seemed to them. Even despite the fact that three months after his debut in 1996, Dwayne won the title of Intercontinental champion, he never received the love of the public.

The organizers of the fights, however, did not want to let a promising, but not a very successful player, freely swim. They tried to build status on his family tree. They reminded him about the fact that both father and grandfather were engaged in wrestling. However, this did not help him become a national favorite.

Dips and ups of a sports career

At a time when the fighter was gradually going downfall, at the peak of popularity was his rival Steve Austin, nicknamed Stone Cold. It is possible that his appearance in Dwayne’s life influenced the choice of a pseudonym for further performances. If at the dawn of his sports career he was represented as Rocky Maivia, then after the transition he turned into The Rock.

Over the next few years, The Rock repeatedly lost the title of Intercontinental champion and returned it again, making at the same time fans and enemies.

The status of Dwayne among the audience is constantly changing: he either goes back to the peak or again becomes an unwanted figure for fans. And recent events concerning the death of George Floyd has also been very unusual for many celebrities.


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