Linda Bollea files legal papers to have Hulk hand over 40% of his earnings


The Daily Mail is reporting that Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda is demanding that he pays her the 40% of his earnings or else be held in contempt of court.

Linda is stating that Hulk has been attempting to conceal his assets from her to avoid paying 40% of his earnings as stipulated in their divorce. Their long-drawn divorce battle saw Linda walking away with 70% of their assets and properties worth over $3 million in 2009. Apart from that, Linda was also awarded 40% of whatever Hogan continues to make through his businesses.

Linda filed documents in Tampa on Friday asking for revenues from seven different companies registered to Hogan.

“It is indeed a shame that Hulk Hogan once again will not honor the divorce agreement he made with Ms. Bollea,” Linda’s lawyer Raymond Rafael told the Daily Mail. “Linda fulfilled and fulfills her obligations and exchanged assets and rights in return for Hulk’s compliance. Hulk Hogan’s breaches are wrong and unjust. He needs to do as he agreed and pay Linda what she is owed.”