Linda Bollea charged over October 2012 arrest for driving under influence


TMZ.COM is reporting that Linda Bollea – the ex wife of Hulk Hogan – has been officially charged with DUI stemming from an incident that led to her arrest in October of last year in Malibu, California.

An attorney for Linda claimed at the time that his client only had a glass of champagne at an event on an empty stomach but antibiotics that she took prior to attending the event shot up the alcohol effect and registered a .084 in blood alcohol level when she was stopped by the cops, which is over the legal limit in the state.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has charged Linda with two misdemeanor counts of DUI and also one count of driving on a suspended license.

The case will be heard in front of a judge later this month and if convicted she can face up to 18 months in jail although it’s very highly unlikely she will spend a second behind bars.