Lensar back to the UFC? It’s a possibility says UFC President Dana White


UFC President Dana White has his door open for Brock Lesnar to return to the UFC and when asked about if WWE and the UFC would “share” Brock Lesnar, White said, “You never know!”

White revealed that he and Brock do talk and the former UFC champion feels like he has some regrets since he wasn’t that healthy during his career in the company.

Lesnar told White that a 100% Brock Lesnar could have done much better than what the Lesnar we saw did and White told him that he’s out of his mind.

White said that Lesnar fighting again down the road is a possibility and wonders what could have happen if he wasn’t ill. White added that from the first day Lesnar stepped into the UFC till his last day he was was suffering from diverticulitis.