Kickstarter campaign for Chyna documentary reaches goal


The Kickstarter campaign to fund the Chyna documentary “The Reconstruction of Chyna” has surpassed its goal today with one day to go.

Originally filmmakers were looking for $10,000 in donations to fund the documentary and yesterday donations were still short by a couple of thousand dollars. Today over $11,000 were pledged from 138 backers. In return of donations, filmmakers offered several perks including place in the credits, messages on Twitter from Chyna, Blu-Ray copies before the release of the documentary, a Skype call from Chyna, and more. Chyna received a big push from a recent Mick Foley post on Facebook urging fans to help his friend.

Erik Angra will be directing the documentary which will follow Chyna across the country, as she chronicles her history, rediscovers herself with media, critics and fans and as she tries to begin her life again, navigating her celebrity and staying healthy.

If you are interested you can still donate to the Kickstarter campaign here.