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Kairi taking “indefinite hiatus” from Japan, cites unhappiness with IWGP Women’s title run


In a press conference earlier today in Japan, Kairi said that she will take an “indefinite hiatus” at the end of September in preparation for a new adventure.

The Pirate Princess mentioned losing the IWGP Women’s title earlier this year as one of the reasons she took this decision. Kairi lost the title to Mercedes Mone at an NJPW show in February.

Speaking about the IWGP Women’s title, Kairi said that she thought winning that title and raising its value would have been her last mission in wrestling and was ready to announce her retirement when she lost it.

“Unfortunately, contrary to my wish, I was able to defend the belt only once,” Kairi said.

Kairi did not officially announce that she is going back to WWE as she did mention that she couldn’t say clearly what her new adventure is but called it a positive decision for her. The former NXT Women’s champion signed a new WWE deal recently and will return to the company after a departing the United States in 2020.

She still have a couple of dates in Japan that she is honoring but after that, she’s packing up her bags and moving back to the U.S.

After leaving her WWE ambassadorial job in 2022, she returned to STARDOM and resumed her in-ring wrestling career.

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