Joey Styles fired from two other indie promotions


Joey Styles went from working three different wrestling indie promotions to nothing in a span of a few days thanks to his comment from Saturday night during EVOLVE’s show.

After Gabe Sapolsky of EVOLVE fired Styles, Beyond Wrestling also tweeted that they have severed their relationship with the former WWE executive. “Joey Styles will no longer be appearing at Sunday’s live event in Worcester or any future Beyond Wrestling live events. Thank you,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, Mike Quackenbush from CHIKARA also decided to get rid of Styles. “Effective today, we are terminating our relationship with Joey Styles,” he wrote in a blog. “Effective today, we are instituting a zero tolerance policy for misogynistic, racist, and/or homophobic speech, written or verbal, whether it’s directed toward our cast, our crew, or our patrons. This is the shape of CHIKARA.”

Styles got into heaps of trouble on Saturday after he told EVOLVE ring announcer Joanna Rose that she was looking great and if the next United States President was present, “he’d want to grab her by the…” Styles did not finish the sentence but everyone knows what was to follow.

Sapolsky, who heads EVOLVE, was furious and wrote that there was a clear mandate to everyone not to get political and Styles went against the direct order.