Joey Styles fired from EVOLVE


Joey Styles was fired from EVOLVE yesterday after he made a remark based off the leaked audio tape of President-elect Donald Trump that took the news by storm last month.

During the live iPPV, Styles told ring announcer Joanna Rose that she was looking great and if the next United States President was present, “he’d want to grab her by….” Styles did not finish the sentence for obvious reasons but it was enough for EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky to fire him after the show.

“We’ve parted ways with Joey Styles and that’s my final comment on this,” Sapolsky wrote. Prior to that, Sapolsky apologized to fans who were watching who might have been offended. “I deeply apologize for Joey Styles’ comments and am furious.”

Styles noted during the EVOLVE 72 show that he was told not to mention politics but obviously ignored his clear instructions, and ultimately cost him his job.

Styles had been working for EVOLVE since he was let go from WWE in August of this year.