Jim Ross gets standing ovation at WrestleCon Kickoff party


Jim Ross received a long standing ovation last night at the WrestleCon kickoff party, where he hosted a Q&A panel with Sting and Ric Flair.

Ross’ wife Jan passed away two weeks ago but JR later confirmed on social media that he would be honoring all his commitments during this weekend, because that’s what his wife would have wanted. Ross mentioned how Jan was a big fan of this weekend, buying her Louis Vuitton apparel…with his money!

When Ross was introduced by Matt Striker, JR said that the crowd was going to make him cry again. He said that he had some challenges last week or two…”but I’m here with you guys!” JR started crying again and the fans once again stood up to clap.

JR mentioned that the odds of everyone in this room being all together at next year’s WrestleMania are slim so he wants all of them to enjoy the show and the whole weekend. “I’m just glad to be here,” Ross said.

You can see the introduction from WrestleCon below.