Hulk Hogan’s son Nick’s iCloud account hacked and photos revealed


Hulk Hogan’s son Nick became the first male “celebrity” to have his naked photos leaked by hackers following a wave of other female celebrities last month.

TMZ.COM says that the photos “are voluminous and graphic,” with photos going back to his high school days with different girlfriends in various states of undress, sexual positions and of course the penis photos.

Nick claims that not all the photos – which were hacked from an iCloud account – are his and tells TMZ the penis photo is not is not his either.

TMZ also adds that at the time the old photos of girls undressed were taken they were all underage and they constitute child porn. Apart from these photos there are also two photos of his mother Linda in a thong bent over. Oops!

Nick has been staying out of trouble for the past few years after spending months in jail following a horrible traffic accident which left his friend paralyzed and pretty much brain dead.