Hogan calls on the FBI to help solve sex tape leak


According to TMZ, Florida police shot down the idea of helping Hulk Hogan find out who leaked his sex tape and the former WWE and WCW champion is now ringing the FBI’s doorbell to hunt down the man.

TMZ says that Florida cops refused to help because the tape was recorded in 2006 and the four-year statute of limitations had expired on the offense and distributing the illegal footage on the Internet crosses the state lines, making it a federal problem rather than a state issue.

Hulk is scheduled to meet FBI officers from the Florida office today.

Last week it was revealed that a former employee of Bubba “The Love Sponge” leaked the video as payback for Bubba after he quit Sirius without paying his employees. Bubba was revealed as the man who recorded the footage when he appeared after Hogan left, telling his then-girlfriend that if they want to retire all they have to do is leak the tape. And Hogan was revealed to know about the existence of the tape for the past three years although he still claims he never knew he was being filmed.