Hulk Hogan to hold press conference at 5PM announcing two lawsuits


Hulk Hogan and his legal and public relations people will hold a press conference today at 5PM in near the federal courthouse in Tampa to announce lawsuits over the sex tape which was filmed without his permission.

A press release sent to the media announced that the Hulkster will be filing two lawsuits, one against his now former friend Bubba “The Love Sponge” and his ex wife Heather Cole (formerly Clem) and a New York media group which is Gawker, which released a clip from the sex tape earlier this month and basically wrote a play-by-play of the whole sex tape.

TMZ broke the news to Hulk that Bubba was behind the tape and Hogan didn’t believe it at first, saying that he has to watch that part to believe that he was being backstabbed by one of his biggest friends.