Hogan and Gawker’s attorney square off over Hulk’s…penis size!


Day 2 of Hulk Hogan vs Gawker trial took a weird twist as Hulk and Gawker’s attorney went head to head arguing about Hogan’s penis size.

To show to the jurors that Hogan was open about his sex life in public, Gawker’s attorney brought up the interview on Howard Stern where Hogan was boasting that he has a 10 inch penis. Hogan interrupted and said that he doesn’t have a 10 inch penis and he was talking in the Hulk Hogan character, where as Terry Bollea’s penis is, well, not that big.

Hogan kept telling Gawker’s Mike Berry that there’s a difference between Terry Bollea, the person sitting here giving the testimony, and Hulk Hogan, the character from professional wrestling. He said that Hulk Hogan’s privacy went out of the window the moment he decided to be in the world of pro wrestling but that doesn’t mean Terry Bollea’s privacy had to be breached. Hogan told Berry that he’s trying to help him understand and will keep trying doing his best!