Goldberg ready for one last wrestling match


Former WCW champion Goldberg is ready to return to the ring, but it won’t be for WWE. The news was revealed in an interview by Fox Sports with Goldberg as he was at the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

“I’m going to make an appearance in professional wrestling, but it won’t be for the WWE. If I put wrestling boots and wrestling trunks on one last time – and I’m going to – it’s going to be done by me and me only,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg’s hatred towards WWE is no secret and it’s not really a surprise that he doesn’t want to go back for his last match. He said that he doesn’t have an “umbilical cord hooked to Vince McMahon” and he can say whatever he wants without any repercussions because he doesn’t need WWE for a job.

Goldberg last wrestled for WWE in 2004 where he won his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX. After celebrating in the ring with the special guest referee Steve Austin, Austin hit the Stunner on Goldberg.

He made his WWE debut in March 2003 on the Raw after WrestleMania XIX and managed to win the World Heavyweight title once during his one year stint there.