Glenn “Kane” Jacobs wins mayoral election in Knox County, Tennessee


Glenn Jacobs, the former WWE Superstar also known as Kane, won the mayoral election in Knox County, Tennessee yesterday. He defeated Democrat Linda Haney with nearly 67% of the votes, confirming the earlier predictions that he would win in a landslide victory.

“When I announced that I was going to run for mayor in Knox County, unfortunately among the political establishment it was met with a pretty resounding laughter…that a professional wrestler could think that he could be mayor of Knox County,” Jacobs said in his victory speech. He continued saying that it made him want it even more after hearing that reaction.

Jacobs held a watch party at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Knoxville as family, friends, and supporters gathered to wait for results. “This professional wrestler got into a no-holds-barred, last-man-standing match, and when the bell rung, he was victorious,” he said after it was pretty evident that he was going to win. “We were victorious.”

He is not the first WWE star elected to office. Jesse Ventura was elected mayor and then governor of Minnesota 20 years ago.

A WWE camera crew followed Jacobs throughout the day possibly for a WWE Network special.