Filmmaker says documentary implicating Reigns and others in steroid ring out on Friday


Filmmaker Jon Bravo has promised to release the documentary which implicates Roman Reigns and other former and current WWE Superstars in the steroid ring this coming Friday on his YouTube channel.

“On Friday everyone will see how real this really is….Only on Jonnybravotv on Youtube,” Bravo wrote, noting that the documentary is 25 minutes long.

Bravo has been doing investigative journalism on the Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC steroid business which was busted by the DEA in 2016. WFN distributed steroids via mail to thousands of clients and Bravo has possession of the laptop that incriminates many stars, not just professional wrestlers. Roman Reigns has completely denied the accusations and said he never met the WFN owner Richard Rodriguez. Rodriguez is currently behind bars and did interviews with Bravo, spilling the beans on several big names in the business who were his clients.

Bravo alleges that a former WWE legend placed over 140,000 in steroid orders with WFN and asked if these were distributed to other WWE stars and wondered who was aiding in the distribution. The filmmaker later added that he would not risk his career or his reputation on anything that was not based upon 100% facts.

There are rumors that Braun Strowman is not in a WrestleMania program at the moment because the company is awaiting the outcome of this documentary and to see if there’s any solid evidence against Reigns. If there is, Reigns will probably be taken off the show and Strowman can replace him at the top of the card.