Enzo Amore to thank fans on Memorial Day at Times Square in New York


Former WWE Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore will make a public appearance in Times Square on Memorial Day at 9:15PM for “one big How You Doin?!”

In three posts on Instagram, Amore wrote that he wants to engage, interact and personally thank all the fans who supported him. “It was you who wished me luck on my future endeavors!! But I won’t need luck…just you,” he wrote.

“There is no better support than the support of the city that I love. See ya soon! Thanks for the love…I’ll be reciprocating soon,” he concluded.

Amore has been on a social media silence since the day he got fired from WWE after he failed to report that he was under investigation from the Phoenix police department on an alleged rape case. That case was concluded last week by Phoenix PD and there was not enough evidence to suggest any wrongdoing so Amore was let off the hook.