Enzo Amore no longer under investigation as Phoenix PD closes case


All rape charges against former WWE Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore have been dropped by the Phoenix police department, several months after they opened an investigation against him.

The accuser of the alleged rape, Philomena Sheahan, has deleted all her social media accounts and no longer has a presence online, probably fearing the immense backlash that was coming her way.

Sheahan accused Amore of raping her back in mid-October but only revealed her story in late January. She also accused Tyler Grosso and Layla ‘Too Poor’ Shapiro as accomplices for letting it happen. Sheahan said that she was invited to Enzo’s room, and they all did coke, meth, and weed, before Enzo raped her.

“It was such a brutal rape like I’m still so f*cked up from it I haven’t had sex since October,” Sheahan wrote at the time.

A day after the whole story surfaced, WWE suspended Enzo Amore but then fired him later in the day after the company realized Amore lied to them and did not disclose that he was under investigation from October. Amore was the champion at the time but WWE wasted no time in giving him the pink slip.

Amore has not publicly spoken about the case but through his lawyer released one statement, “fully and unequivocally” denying the allegations.

Sheahan’s story had many holes in it and even a former close friend of hers put up a YouTube video showing “proof” that she was lying and the sex was consensual, bragging about being in bed with Amore.