Dwayne Johnson to play leading role in Rampage movie


Another movie is being lined up for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson according to Deadline Hollywood, titled Rampage, and it’s a video game adaptation produced by Beau Flynn.

The film is based on the 80’s Midway Arcade game involving three giant monsters – a gorilla, a lizard, and a wolf – that wreak havoc on major cities across North America. The exact plot is still “under wraps” but production is set to start in Summer 2016.

The plan is for Johnson to star in this film after he completes production on Fast & Furious 8. The former WWE champ is currently shooting Central Intelligence for New Line along with Kevin Hart. This would be the fourth collaboration for Johnson and Flynn.

The Rock already did a previous movie based off a video game, Doom, which ended up being one of his worst showings in Hollywood in terms of box office.