Dark Side Of The Ring season two premieres tonight with the Chris Benoit story


Dark Side Of The Ring, the critically-acclaimed wrestling docu-series that revisits the most shocking events in the business will start season two tonight on Vice at 9PM ET.

The two-hour season premiere will tackle the story of the Chris Benoit double-murder suicide which rocked the world of professional wrestling in 2007. Several of Benoit’s former friends including Chris Jericho, Vickie Guerrero, Jim Ross, and many others along with Nancy Benoit’s sister and Chris’ oldest son David will be part of the documentary.

The first hour was released on YouTube late last week and left viewers shocked with the details given as close friends opened up for the first time on what happened during that horrible weekend.

Upcoming episodes include Owen Hart, New Jack, David Schultz, Jimmy Snuka, The Road Warriors, Dino Bravo, Herb Abrams, and The Brawl For All. Season two is narrated by Chris Jericho.