Chyna sets record straight on meeting Triple H at Piper’s funeral


Former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s champion Chyna responded to X-Pac’s tweets that described her “bumrushing” into Triple H during the Roddy Piper funeral this past Tuesday in Portland, Oregon.

“It saddens me that I have to respond to this,” Chyna said in a video statement that lasted just under two minutes. She said she does not need to justify her relationship with Rowdy Roddy Piper and why she was even at the funeral. She’s been a friend to Hot Rod and his family for over a decade and said it was an honor to be invited and be there at the funeral.

Regarding the situation with Triple H, she said she didn’t know Hunter was going to be there but since they were in the same place, she took the opportunity to wrap her arms around him and whisper to him that she was deeply sorry for everything that happened in the past.

She said there was no altercation, no security rushing to separate the two, and described it as a “tender moment” between two people who at one point cared about each other.