Christy Hemme pregnant with quadruplets!


Former WWE and TNA star Christy Hemme announced that she’s currently pregnant…with quadruplets! Yep, that tiny body of hers is holding four babies!

In a video posted by Hemme herself, she said she’s currently on bed rest as she’s pregnant. She’s been trying for a very long time and now she’s very excited that she will become a mother again.

“I’m not pregnant with one baby. No no. I’m not pregnant with two babies, or three babies! I am pregnant with quadruplets! Four…babies…in this little belly” she said.

Hemme is in her 15th week of pregnancy and since this is a very high-risk pregnancy, she will spend most of the time in bed or in hospital. Hemme described that she is excited, scared, petrified and has “every emotion in the book.”

The former WWE Diva Search winner spent two years in the WWE before moving to TNA where she had a 10-year career there as a wrestler, ring announcer, and backstage interviewer. She departed TNA in April 2016.

You can see her video below.