CBS releases the Super Bowl commercial for ‘got milk?’ with The Rock


Do you want to see The Rock’s Super Bowl commercial for the ‘got milk?’ campaign? You don’t have to wait till Sunday to see it!

The funny commercial starts with The Rock telling three kids that they’re out of milk and then the chase for the milk van commences. While running to catch the van, the WWE champion encounters several incidents which require his attention such as helping a little kid save her kitten from a tree, a bank robbery, a lion on top of a car, etc., all while running in the street in his PJs.

Eventually he catches up to the van, gets the can of milk, walk through all the chaos in the street, and delivers the milk. He then drinks a glass of milk as alien spacecraft is seen in the background shooting down buildings.

“Ladies, I gotta go to work,” he tells the three kids as he punches out an alien who tries to climb in through the window! Pretty funny.

You can see it below.