Bret Hart’s daughter Alexandra closes restaurant, leaves employees missing thousands in wages


The Hart family name is back in the news this week although not for a good reason.

The Calgary Herald is reporting that Alexandra Hart, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart abruptly closed her Hart Healthy Food restaurant just before Christmas, leaving employees missing thousands of dollars in wages. The restaurant was open for just three months.

The newspaper has comments from some of the former employees of the restaurant, one of which said that Hart knew weeks before they closed that they didn’t have enough money, yet she let them work full-time despite having no ability to pay them.

Now, some of the employees have filed reports with the labour board after the 31-year-old Hart stopped communication with her former staff.

The restaurant was described as a “farm to table experience with fast food convenience,” although the only thing fast about it was the time it took to permanently close!