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Bret Hart honored in Calgary for Walk of Fame addition


Bret “Hit Man” Hart was honored in Calgary this week to celebrate his addition to Canada’s Walk of Fame. The news of the event was covered by CBC.ca.

Canada’s Walk of Fame has a series of maple leaf-shaped stars along 13 blocks of sidewalks in Toronto and during the ceremony, Hart said it is nice to finally see professional wrestling getting a bit of credit for being a performance art.

“I’ve always felt that pro wrestlers have to be the world’s most believable, realistic, hardest-working actors while also being some of the most gifted and creative athletes in the world,” he said.

Hart received a standing ovation from the crowd and noted how it meant a lot to him that all of them came out for his celebration.

As part of being inducted into the Walk of Fame, each celebrity get a $10,000 sum that is donated to a charity of their choice. The WWE Hall of Famer chose to split the money between the Siksika Nation’s SN7 youth program and the Water First charity.

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