Bret Hart remembers his brother Smith following his death


In a message on Facebook, Bret “Hit Man” Hart thanked the fans for the love and support that they showed over the past couple of days due to his brother’s death. His brother, Smith, passed away from prostate and bone cancer a month after going into hospice.

“It is with a heavy heart that I write my final goodbye to my eldest brother Smith. I know that the gates of heaven will open up and welcome one of the most unique and original characters ever,” Bret wrote.

Describing Smith as sensitive, mischievous, and hilariously coarse with a whip-smart sense of humour, Bret said that his brother was a boy that grew up in a crazy world filled with colourful characters and he ended up being one of the most interesting and colorful characters himself.

“It could never have been very easy being the oldest of twelve kids. The enormous task of trying to fill my stern father’s shoes may have been too challenging, or perhaps he simply didn’t want or need it,” Bret added. “In Smith’s final days, I clearly recognized the strength and determination of my father who he spoke so lovingly about and, without question, was his hero and guardian. I believe they’re together again. He finally found his peace.”

Smith passed away on July 2 which also happened to be Bret’s birthday.