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Austin Aries responds to allegations saying he’s not a sexual predator or abuser


After being accused of sexual abuse by a couple of different women, former TNA World and WWE Cruiserweight champion Austin Aries addressed these allegations in a long post on social media.

Aries said that he’s happy that everyone is collectively addressing some of these “long-standing, not-so-secret dirty secrets, and exposing a dark underbelly of not just pro-wrestling, but all of our society.” He said that it’s long overdue, he welcomes it, and wants to help move these discussions forward about abuse of power, relationships, roles and responsibilities to one another.

“To be able to do that effectively and have any credibility, I have to be transparent and I have to be honest about my own successes and failures in this space. I certainly haven’t lived a flawless life. I haven’t always said the right thing or made the right choice, whether professionally or personally. But let me be clear: I know who I am and who I’m not. I am not a sexual predator, I’m not a user, I am not an abuser,” Aries wrote.

He said that he condemns abuse of all forms and is here to join others in speaking out. “I have nothing to hide. I’m here to listen and I’m here to talk. I want that responsibility, because ultimately that’s what will help me become a better person and help me leave this world, and the pro wrestling universe, a better place.”

Aries wrote that he’s all in for this and if he ever was part of the problem, the sincerest apology he can offer is to be part of the solution.

Perhaps the most “famous” incident with Aries dates back to 2013 when Christy Hemme, serving as the ring announcer for TNA, mistakenly introduced Bobby Roode and Austin Aries as Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Aries then proceeded to corner Hemme and told her to redo the proper introduction. With Aries blocking her movement and restricting her in the corner, Aries went up on the middle ropes to pose, shoving his crotch in Hemme’s face. “Okay okay okay…Okay,” Hemme said as she tried to push him away.

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