Android or iOS: what is better for a modern student?

All young people don`t let smartphones off their hands even for a minute: they communicate in social networks, watch videos, and even use it for educational purposes of making their grades and academic performance better. With the help of your smartphone, you can quickly find the best service to help with your assignment, like writing an essay, doing accounting homework, or getting Math Homework Help. When it comes to choosing a smartphone, it becomes tricky: among many new models appearing every month, you should also choose the operating system you like most: iOS or Android.

Perfect OS for college needs

High school seniors and students of colleges and universities are very serious about choosing a smartphone. It is connected not only with preferences about the model or operational system but also with peer pressure. An interesting experiment has taken place in San-Francisco, where one company tested one million teenagers in the US for their college choices. It appeared that students of tech specializations (MIT and engineering schools) prefer Android, while those who are in love with arts and more creative programs, choose Apple production.

According to national statistics, around 54% of users in the US opt for Android devices, while 44% of them choose iOS (2% are pretty fine with Windows OS). When it comes to school students, they tend to use iPhones (around 66% and the most part of it is women) mainly due to peer pressure as these smartphones are considered to be expensive and trendy. In fact, due to this reason, many students choose iOS over Android. However, in an ideal world, students should choose such an important and often used device as a smartphone more carefully, based on their own preferences and convenience. Thus, you should pay attention to:

  1. User-friendly style

We bet you don`t want to buy a phone and then spend plenty of time to understand how to use it. All iPhone models are pretty simple: you only have to tap on the Home button when you want to get on the main screen. Android devices are a bit more complicated as it depends on the model, from Samsung to Huawei. All of them have different sizes of the screen, buttons, features, etc. It differs from brand to brand, and you need to investigate many models before you choose one convenient for you;

  1. Memory

Students use smartphones to download apps, store information, save pictures, music, and video, etc. The memory size matters, and you need to pay attention to this point: if you don`t have enough, the work of your phone slows down. All iPhones have a great size of internal memory, while Android devices cannot state the same. However, almost all of them are equipped with a slot for SD card, which is cheap, easily removable, and gives you unlimited opportunities for extra space. Unfortunately, Apple doesn`t provide this option;

  1. Apps

Your smartphone should be powerful enough to support all modern apps from Angry Birds to some educational stuff. If you have iOS, you need to download apps via the App Store, where it is monitored and approved. It makes iPhones more secure while Google Play on Android is free for everybody and you have no problem with any restrictions;

  1. Price

One of the important factors is the cost where the iPhone is obviously more expensive and thus not quite affordable for students. Add here the cost of the mobile plane, upgrading of storage and battery, and you will see that Android will be a better option.

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