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AJ “Lee” Brooks reveals she suffers from bipolar disorder


In a blog posted today on her website, AJ “Lee” Brooks, revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was barely out of her teens.

“By definition, it is a mental disorder characterized by alternating periods of mania and depression. In less scientific terms, it is a real asshole. The disorder strips a person of control,” AJ wrote in a very personal blog that recounts how she fought the disorder and what came out of it.

She wrote how she always believed the word crazy was insensitive, offensive and a bad word, especially since her family had a battle with mental illness. “Like our olive skin tone and caterpillar eyebrows, I guess it just runs in the family,” she said of being bipolar.

“But what good is a secret weapon if it only serves me? Now it is time to reveal my secret identity. I am Bipolar and I am proud,” the former WWE Divas champion wrote, outlining that this is why she wanted to write a book, titled Crazy is My Superpower.

You can read the full blog entry at http://ajmendezbrooks.com/post/silence-interrupted.

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