WWE 2021 news you might have missed

With all the violence and medical crisis going on, it’s understandable why you might neglect to keep up to date with recent WWE news. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got you covered. Here are some tidbits from the WWE that you might have missed.

Kurt Angle Opens up About Addiction

Let’s start with something that happened in the first month of 2021. Kurt Angle talked about how he was once addicted to painkillers. He stated that it all began when Brock Lesnar broke Kurt’s neck during a match and had to be put on painkillers to ease his discomfort. As soon as he felt the effects of the pills, he immediately got hooked. It came to the point where he was taking 65 pills of painkillers in a day. Fortunately, his addiction didn’t progress any further than that. Kurt realized his addiction and strived to get rid of it.

Kurt admitted that it wasn’t an easy journey and that there were a lot of obstacles that got in the way. Fortunately, the wrestling legend managed to get his life back on track and has remained clean ever since. Kurt Angle’s story hits home for a lot of people. Getting treatment for addiction is a long road but one that is necessary to be able to live life the way it should be.

Charlotte Flair Test Positive for Covid

There have been many rumors and speculations floating about regarding Charlotte Flair. The WWE diva has been noticeably absent for a while now, and fans took to the Internet for answers. There have been many claims and speculations made to try to guess the reason behind this disappearance. At one point, it even seemed that WWE was hiding the truth from everyone. However, all of the baseless rumors were put to rest by Charlotte Flair herself. This Tuesday, she tweeted the unfortunate news of her getting Covid. This extremely sad news means that a Wrestlemania match involving Charlotte is unlikely to happen. Fans, including myself, are all wishing her a speedy recovery.

Kane in the Hall of Fame

A legendary name will be inducted into the WWE hall of fame this year. The big red machined turned mayor, Kane, is poised to appear in the ceremony this year.

Kane, Glenn Jacobs outside of kayfabe, got the news about the hall of fame induction from the Undertaker himself. Kane has been through a hell of a lot during his WWE career. His persona and appearance made numerous shifts. He has also held numerous championship titles and made some rocky relationships with other wrestlers. Who could forget the amazing time Kane had as the tag team champion with Daniel Bryan? Well, Kane can add “Hall of Famer” to his long list of held titles.

Batista a No-show for the Hall of Fame

Kane getting inducted into the hall of fame is an auspicious moment. Sadly, Dave Bautista won’t be around to join in on the celebration. Dave has recently announced that he will not be attending the ceremony due to conflicts with this schedule. WWE confirmed this and has stated that they will move Dave’s induction to a later year. Hopefully, live shows will be allowed by then to give Dave Bautista the moment he deserves.

Randy Orton on the Broken Skulls Podcast

For avid listeners of Steve Austin’s insanely entertaining podcast, Randy Orton appearing as a guest is a treat. For the uninitiated, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin holds a podcast where he talks with other WWE stars and asks them a few questions. The talk session with Randy Orton covered a lot of topics and can really change peoples’ perspectives on Randy. Steve Austin also asked some interesting questions with surprising answers by Randy Orton.

Triple H Back After Quarantine

“The Game” Triple H was spotted backstage during last week’s episode of WWE NXT. This is a good sign and a big sigh of relief as it would appear that Triple H did not get Covid, and his quarantine was more of a precaution. Now, it appears he is good to go and ready to get back on duty.

Earthquake Disrupted Match

During a tag team match in NJPW or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, an unexpected foe put a temporary stop to the match. An earthquake, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, gave everyone quite a scare. Fortunately, no damage was reported, and no one was hurt. The show had to be stopped to make way for safety checks after the earthquake. After the inspection, the show resumed, and the interrupted tag team match lasted for an entertaining ten-minute bout.

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