Wrestlers who are in favor of vape

The WWE and many of its smaller circuit professional wrestling brethren can really put on a show.  From the music blaring from through the loudspeakers to the pyro techniques exploding at every star entrance, you are treated to the kind of sensory overload that few in this world every get to experience all at once.  For the wrestlers themselves, they are the actors in the giant party.  They risk arm and limb and countless injuries to satisfy the needs of the adoring fans.

While all the glitz and glamour of being a superstar wrestling included with all the lights and explosions, you would have to agree that wrestlers would be interested in a little downtime to enjoy a few puffs of their vape mod.  In fact, quite a few high profile wrestling superstars have added vape into their daily routines.  Here we take a look at some of them.

One of the most notable wrestlers that vapes is known as “The Big Show.”  Standing at 7 feet tall and close to 400 pounds, Paul Randall Wight Jr is a man that you just cannot miss.  Over the years, he has claimed many WWE titles and is still a fixture around the wrestling circuit.  For all those titles and strain on his body, he likes to indulge in e-cig vaping. There are many occasions that he has been spotted taking a few puffs of vape juice like space jam juice.

Another well known wrestler that is heavily into the vape scene is Oscar Guitierrez.  If you don’t know the name, perhaps his ring name is more noticeable.  Rey Mysterio is a one of the more famous lucha libre wrestlers to come out of Mexico.  He is of a shorter stature, but make no mistake some of the tricks that he can do are quite mesmerizing.  He has won quite a few titles in his day as well.  His career has spanned over 25 years.  He has recently got into vaping and has put some images of himself and his vape collection on display on Instagram.  Mysterio preference is dripping because he can make sure that he gets full flavored puffs every time he needs it.

Lastly, Glenn Jacobs is a big proponent of vaping.  Otherwise known as World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Kane, he is also the Co-Founder of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance.  In a landscape where vape is being constantly put down and being pressed as the root cause of nicotine addiction amongst kids, Jacobs is speaking out against the FDA in favor of vape. “Vaping is a healthy alternative to a far deadlier habit, but the FDA could be putting it in danger by not performing a proper nicotine test on their players.”  These are the words of Glenn Jacobs in his op-ed contribution piece in the Tennessean.com.  For more on his article, you can read it here.

While there are surely more wrestlers who vape or are in favor of vape, these are some of the more prominent ones that have taken to vaping or have spoken out against the ban of vaping.


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