Will Khabib ever box Floyd Mayweather?

Ever since rumors started swirling around in October of last year that Floyd Mayweather Jr was interested in a boxing match against Khabib Nurmagomedov after he defeated Conor McGregor to remain the UFC lightweight champion, fans have been wondering if something would actually come out of this. Thus far, nothing has happened, but it is believed that Floyd is heavily pushing for this fight to happen, and he is well known for getting what he wants.

Odds of Khabib Beating Mayweather

It should be no surprise that most bookies would heavily favor Mayweather if this fight was to happen. In fact, some bookies have already put out odds of winning, making Floyd the heavy favorite with odds of -2000, and Khabib the clear underdog with odds of around +900, which seems about right to us.

Many punters were blinded by the stardom of Conor McGregor, which led them to make outlandish bets that he can beat one of the greatest boxers of all time who is also undefeated. This time around, we expect them to be a little more conservative and realize that no matter how good a fighter is (and Khabib is certainly one of the best), you can’t expect him to be the best in all areas of fighting.

If this fight is ever scheduled, you can look to place a free bet with no deposit at freebets.uk. And don’t let Floyd’s age (41) fool you when placing your bet. He is the best defensive boxer of all time, meaning that he rarely gets hit, which allows him to prolong his career and perform at the highest level.

Floyd is “Desperate” to Fight Khabib?

Over the past weeks, reports have surfaced that Floyd is running low on money and he is essentially “begging” for a fight against Khabib, which will turn into millions of dollars for both of them. However, these are just rumors and you should take them with a grain of salt, as it is very unlikely that one of the richest men in sports (they don’t call him “Money” for no reason) would run out of cash less than two years after the fight that brought him millions of dollars.

Floyd’s statements from November seem to support our theory, as he said that he will only fight Khabib on his own terms, which means only in a boxing match. If Floyd was so desperate for money, wouldn’t he accept a fight in the octagon, where he would still earn an enormous amount, but will probably end up losing the fight?

Should Khabib Consider His Offer?

Even if a fight is set between Floyd and Khabib, it will probably be a little while before it actually happens, since Khabib is currently focused on defending his lightweight title against Dustin Poirier on September 7th. Even with a free schedule, the only reason why Khabib would consider a boxing match against Floyd is money, which is something that is not of the highest priority for a modest guy like Khabib, who can be seen fighting a bear in his hometown in Dagestan.

Khabib is a smart guy and I’m sure that he knows better than any of us that he will lose in a boxing match against Floyd. We are sure that even Conor realized this, but the amount of money he would earn from it was too much to pass on.

When it comes to a boxing match, we are relatively sure that Khabib will not heavily consider that, but if he is able to negotiate a fight in the octagon against Floyd, that’s a whole different story.

When it’s all said and done, it seems that a fight between the two seems relatively unlikely at this point.

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