What makes a UFC champion?

What you know today as UFC is a mixed martial arts (MMA) company created in the United States in 1993. It is governed by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts without exception and presents more than 20 fights per year. Its rank is international, not only in the US, and its headquarters is in Las Vegas.

In the beginning, the UFC was created under the control of few rules and its objective was to determine which martial art was the most effective in combat situations without weapons. Soon the fighters realized that if they wanted to compete among the best they needed to train in other disciplines, so they began to be specialists of various styles and mixed the better of each one of them, transforming themselves into real fighters capable of defeating against any opponent over the ring.

What makes it so attractive to the 21st-century public?

Day by day, boxing is losing the success it had achieved in the 20th century. See how two athletes use their fists to leave their faces like chrome is still liked among fans of this discipline, but it is not as attractive as seeing two rivals using all their joints as combat weapons. The MMA is the biggest and toughest contact sport that exists because it allows the use of punches, kicks, blows of almost any type, and the use of keys and techniques from sports as diverse as boxing, karate, kickboxing, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, etc.

What makes a UFC champion?

All you have to do is keep training, Kick Boxing is fine, but I recommend that you also train judo or jiuj-jitsu or enter an academy specializing in MMA because the UFC includes fights standing and on the floor, so you will need to be a fighter as complete as possible. Getting to fight in a company like the UFC will be a very difficult path but never give up or abandon your dreams.

When sailing under the “UFC” flag off the coast of MMA, you have to tighten your belt. Unless you are captain, crowned, or a legend of the oceans, your pay will not allow you much once you return to the mainland.

This is the biggest problem facing the American organization right now. Nothing is done to improve working conditions, relations are deteriorating and mutiny begins to grow. Catch your eye behind the long sight; you are given a top of the forces in presence.

Betway UFC have created the below infographic, showing the best route to the top.

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