Will Gunther lose his championship in 2024?

Gunther has held the Intercontinental Belt for 579 days and The Ring General surpassed Honky Tonk Man’s record in September 2023. The year ended with his successful title defense against The Miz on WWE RAW. The question is: will Gunther lose his Intercontinental Championship?

You can’t be a champion forever. The leader of Imperium himself believes that he has grown out of this title, similar to what happened with NXT UK several years ago. In anticipation of the return of WWE RAW, let’s look at five signs that Gunther could lose his championship in 2024.

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No. 5. Chad Gable Threat

Chad Gable has emerged as one of the most serious contenders for Gunter’s title in 2023. Master Gable even managed to inflict a rare defeat on the General of the Ring on WWE RAW during an exciting title match in September. In an emotional post-match promo, Chad Gable solemnly promised to strip the champion of the title.

This match was featured on the WWE Best of RAW 2023 episode, suggesting that Triple H may have big plans for Chad Gable in 2024, including the possibility of a meaningful title win over Ring General.

No. 4. Rise of the Superstars

Currently, the WWE roster is the best it has been since 2002, offering a plethora of Superstars ready to take advantage of the right opportunity to capture the Intercontinental Title. Names like Jey Uso, Ivar, Bronson Reed, Chad Gable and Otis represent just a few of the list of people who could make their mark in solo action in 2024.

Of particular note is Jey Uso, who has demonstrated his ability to compete with the best in the industry. The YEET Master had an outstanding title match against Seth Rollins in 2023. Who knows, we might end up with Jey Uso vs. Gunter for the Intercontinental Belt at Royal Rumble 2024.

No. 3. The solo journey of Ludwig Kaiser

Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther essentially began their careers at the same time, competing with each other both in Germany and around the world. Marcel Barthel joined Walter in NXT UK and the Imperium faction became dominant on the brand.

After Giovanni Vinci’s injury, Kaiser found himself in a difficult situation, but dealt with it by turning a real-life injury into an exciting storyline involving Kofi Kingston. WWE has already announced information about a solo match for the superstar, although it remains to be seen whether The Ring General will approve this move.

No. 2. Gunther’s race for the World Championship title

The Ring General entered the 2023 Royal Rumble in pursuit of an opportunity to headline WrestleMania 39. He was held in the ring for over sixty minutes before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Gunter gave a superb performance at this ‘Biggest Show of the Year’.

Although the 36-year-old superstar has yet to win a world title, fans may not have to wait long. The Austrian beast has hinted that he intends to challenge for the title. WWE will also provide a suitable event for Gunther to win his first world title.

No. 1. Bash in Berlin

Bash in Berlin will mark a historic event by being the first WWE premium event in Germany with a live audience. The company heads to Berlin, marking this moment in its history. It is interesting to note that Imperium already presented Bash in Berlin last year during a home tour in the capital.

Considering that Gunther began his professional wrestling career virtually in Germany, it’s safe to assume that he will likely be involved in the main event of this premium event. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if Imperium succeeds and wins all the titles on August 31st.

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