Why are slots called pokies?

Have you ever wondered why Australians address it as pokie when the rest of the world calls it slot machine? Is not it an interesting fact? If you want to know the probable reasons behind the name Pokie, make sure to go through this guide until the end.

The history of slot machines in Australia

If you are a true gambler, especially a slot machine lover, you must already know that the first-ever slot machine was invented in the United States. It was the beginning of the 20th century when slot machines first appeared in the land of Australia. However, it was not legal from that very beginning. For half of the century, playing slot machines was illegal in Australia. But with the ongoing love and addiction to slot machines, the Australian government soon realized the importance and future of slot machines in this country.

Around the 1950s, a renowned casino company in Australia named Aristocrat developed and published its very first slot machine game called Clubman. As soon as Clubman was released, people fell in love with this game. As a result, the Aussie Government finally legalized slot machines only in some clubs, not all over Australia. It was the first sunshine for pokie lovers when everything started to change for the first time in a while.

However, the slot machines of the 50s were nothing compared to today’s pokies. With time, developers successfully developed so many new pokies and introduced so many technologies and software in this world. The real revolution in the world of Aussie pokies or slot machines first started in 2004. Consequently, it is the era of mobile and online pokies that gamblers from all over the country seem to enjoy thoroughly.

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Why Pokie? – The origin of the nickname 

Now that you have understood how slot machines entered the world of Australian casinos, it is time to find out the origin behind its cute little nickname, pokie. If you are from Australia, you must know the love of Australians for abbreviated words. Australia loves to abbreviate everything and anything as far as possible. For example, they call mosquitoes mozzies. Therefore, when they discovered that slot machines are also addressed as poker machines, no wonder why did they choose this little abbreviated form of poker. Over time, Pokie became widespread among all Aussie punters.

But, now, the question is why these machines are referred to as poker machines, in spite of being a lot similar to slot machines. Well, the answer is simple! It is because it has always been in this way.

A few years back, when there were no online pokies or other casino games available, gamblers visited clubs and Aussie pubs to play casual pokies. However, these days, free online pokies have become the number one favorite online casino game of thousands of Aussie gamblers. Check out the best collection of online pokies only at Betsquare.com.

Besides Australia, in New Zealand, you can see a distinctive use of the word pokie. If you ask someone about pokies in any name of these two countries, you will get an instant reply for sure.

Other casino slang around the world 

Casino and gambling, being widely spread events, receive so many names and addresses from different sections of gamblers from all over the world. Therefore, wherever you go, you can find different unique names for gambling.

For example, in England, slot machines are called “Fruit machines” or “Fruitis,” whereas, in Scotland, it is known as “Puggy.” On the other hand, Americans call European football “Soccer,” whereas Italians address it as “Calco.”

So, as you can see, not only Australians are in this practice. People worldwide give unique names to things to describe their culture and trends.


So, it was, in short, all possible reasons behind why Australians address slot machines as pokies. So, as you can see, there is no particular or revolutionary reason behind the name pokie. It only shows their cultural status, and with time, the pokie has set quite a benchmark around the world. Get your hands on the best games and enjoy a relaxing time playing today.

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