Where to invest your New Zealand dollars? Bet on wrestling or playing in an Online Casino

Wrestling provides excellent entertainment of that there is no doubt. However, as a betting person, you may wonder whether you could actually earn money betting on the sport. While there is a chance of you winning some amounts, perhaps you could invest your dollars elsewhere, like an online casino.

Both these two options have advantages, and this article evaluates which one is the better place for your money.

Wrestling vs Playing in an Online Casino

Wrestling attractions

  • Entertainment

When you place a bet on wrestling, you elevate the match’s stakes. You add to the fun since you now support a side/a result that is convenient to your bet. You also do not have to do much just sit back and watch wrestling matches, albeit with heightened tension.

  • Storylines can guide you on your decisions

If you are an ardent wrestling fan, you can follow the storylines and news/speculation over matches. These can help you make a correct wager and increase your chances of winning.

  • You can bet way beforehand on certain events

Unlike betting in online casinos, you can make bets on events such as Wrestlemania long before they happen. You can bet on a winner for the main event at the Pay Per View events several weeks before and have a chance of higher odds.

  • Quicker withdrawals of winnings

Like other sport betting events, you do not have to wait any extra hour to cash in your wins. Once the match is done and you have won, you can make your withdrawals immediately.

Wrestling shortcomings

  • Few available betting sites

There are few betting sites that will allow you to bet on wrestling entertainment matches which limits your options.

  • Limited markets

Besides having fewer betting, the betting markets (outcomes you can place a bet on) are limited. For example, in money in the bank event, you can place a wager on;

  1. Winner or loser of a duel
  2. Winner or loser of a tournament
  3. The kind of victory
  4. Disqualification
  5. Presence of a knockout

Other sports have numerous variables giving you more flexibility and chances of winning.

  • Caps on betting amounts

The betting sites that take wrestling bets place limits on the amount of money you can bet. They also use limited odds primarily because the matches follow a script.

  • Limited currencies

Betting sites miss out on some features like multiple currencies and only take one currency. This is usually the currency of the company’s licensing country.

  • Limited payment methods

There are limited options for making your deposits and withdrawals. Players have to make do with traditional banking options and a few e-wallet options.

  • Wrestling follows a script

Wrestling is primarily an entertainment TV show which is what makes most betting sites be wary of it. All the major aspects are pre-planned, and the winner is also known beforehand. Betting firms cannot use a player’s form and skill to set odds, nor can players rely on this to place their bets.

Advantages of playing in an online casino

  • Multiple currencies accepted

In earlier days of the online casino industry, players would have to use the major world currencies like USD, GBP, and Euro. This situation would make it a challenge to work out the conversions as there were no casinos accepting NZ dollars. Fortunately, that is no longer the case as there are many quality online casino NZ currency options. You can play in any NZ casino in these top ten list that CasinoTop has reviewed using NZ dollars among other currencies. Playing at a casino with a good reputation saves you the worries of wondering whether or not your money will be paid when the time comes.

  • Many casinos

There are many online casinos that are competing for player’s attention, and the competition is to the players’ advantage.

  • More games (betting gambling options)

Online casinos have numerous games and each has tens of variants giving a player unlimited choice on where to invest their money.

  • Multiple payment options

Payment options add to the seamless experience of playing in an online casino. There literally unlimited ways to make your casino deposits. They range from Ewallets like Skrill and PayPal to credit and debit cards as well as direct bank transfers. Withdrawal options are similarly varied, allowing you to pick what serves you best.

  • Wholly random

There is nothing scripted about casino games. Some are pure luck, while others combine both strategy and luck like poker and blackjack. The independent firms regularly audit payouts and number generators to ensure fairness.

  • Easy to play

Grasping the elements of sports betting can be a challenge. Casino games, on the other hand, are straightforward, and you are the one often doing the playing.

  • Huge amounts of winning

Casinos offer a chance to win life-changing amounts of money. Some games, especially progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moola, present a chance to win over a million dollars.

  • Bonuses

Online casinos often use welcome bonuses to attract players. They also follow this up with loyalty bonuses giving you the chance to win without spending your money.

  • Security/privacy

Casinos go the extra mile to protect your personal information and funds. All reputable casinos employ 128-bit encryption technology, keeping you safe from cybercriminals.

Cons of an online casino

  • Longer processing times for winnings

While you can make instant deposits, and the casino credits them to your account, the same is not true for withdrawals. First, most casinos have a waiting period, often 48 hours or more, before processing your withdrawal transaction. Then, depending on your banking option, it may take anywhere from a day to a week for you to get the money.

  • Wagering requirements on bonuses

High wagering requirements on bonuses can eat into any advantage a bonus may give you. You cannot withdraw any winnings until you meet the wagering requirements. The bonus could also expire before you do so, and you thus forfeit your winnings and bonus amount.


When it comes to gambling, you want multiple options and chances to win big from small bets. In these two regards, online casinos offer better investment. They also provide more convenience and flexibility, suiting any player’s needs. In all aspects, an online casino is more likely to offer better returns for your New Zealand dollars.

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