Where can I bet on Randy Orton winning WWE Hell In A Cell 2020?

After hard-fought bouts at Summerslam and Clash of Champions, Drew McIntyre and The Viper will be locked inside Hell in a Cell to decide the future of the WWE Championship.

Looking to place a bet on Orton Vs McIntyre? While wrestling matches are pre-determined, the results are often logical and secretive. This makes WWE a great wagering prospect for sports betting fans.

Hell in a Cell is one of WWE’s flagship events — and this year’s build-up has been unmissable. Here’s hope it lives up to the billing come pay per view night.

If you like your odds, read on to learn how you can bet on WWE programming and find the most reliable wagering experience for Hell in a Cell 2020.

What are the best odds for Randy Orton Vs Drew McIntyre?

Stats aren’t always reliable when it comes to WWE because the answer is always in the writing. But betting odds can be a great indicator of where the result is heading. We’ve scoured the web to find some predictions being made by online casinos to see whether Orton looks like a safe bet. Here’s our findings:

  • Sky Bet: Orton at 1/1 and McIntyre at 8/11

Even though online casinos like Sky Bet give Drew Mcintyre a slight edge, the odds are tight and Orton could prove to be a value pick. You never know when an RKO could strike and stun the champion.

If you want to check for yourself, in our experience wading through search engines to find WWE betting options can be time-consuming and of course, the odds are ever changing. We recommend using review sites like OnlineCasinos.co.uk to kick off your search. This way you immediately refine your results to sports betting and get an idea of where each site ranks amongst the competition.

Although odds can be a great indicator, don’t rely on review sites alone. There are a few checks you can perform to see if a particular site is right for your betting requirements. Read on to discover a few effective examples.

Finding a betting site that covers WWE matches

The dramatic world of World Wrestling Entertainment has experienced somewhat of a resurgence in recent years This comes after signing a broadcast deal with Fox, and a string of acquisitions from UFC such as Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar.

Many believe these wholesale strategy changes have enabled WWE to legitimize its product as a true competitive sport. And when sports is shown, sports punters are never far behind trying to predict the outcome.

Betting on Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell is no different than wagering on the result of a basketball game. The nuances appear when you are trying to nail down what sites cover WWE betting because the pastime remains much more niche.

Confirming the betting site has a good reputation

Always bet using a site with a strong reputation, Hell in a Cell 2020 or otherwise.

Some betting sites are unsafe and seek to tempt you into making real money wagers you’ll never see again. So, when looking to place a bet on Orton Vs McIntyre be extra vigilant and look for a website with a good — long standing — track record in the betting industry.

Not all new sites are unreliable, but betting on Hell in a Cell with cemented brands adds an extra sense of security. In the UK, for example, gamblingcommission.gov.uk is the leading regulator of online gambling. A betting site with this certificate or logo on their website will have passed all the necessary tests and checks to operate legally, confirming the betting site has a good reputation.

The last thing you want from your wager is any more unnecessary risk, it will only serve to suck the fun out of your experience. Plus more renowned sites are likely to have better customer service, meaning if anything does go wrong someone will be around to help out.

Take a look at the bonuses and promotions

Potential bonuses and promotions are the cherries on top the cake that is betting on Orton Vs McIntyre.

The betting industry is a competitive world and all of the sites are vying for your business. This means that they want you to bet on WWE using their site. To do this they’ll often offer new customers some top tier incentives.

Look out for deposit bonuses and free bets, these are generous offers that can see you placing bets with little of your own money on the line. Check out a variety of sites and pick the best offer for you.

If you think that Randy Orton is going to secure the WWE Championship and Hell in a Cell, consider placing a bet to up the ante. But if you do, use this article to guide you to the best places to wager on WWE.

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