What sources of knowledge should be considered when playing World of Warcraft

For those players who want to succeed in an MMO project of the World of Warcraft level, it is not enough just to develop their character based on the hints of the game and the environment in the form of quests, skills and levels.

You need to learn additional materials in order to immediately do everything right, and not pump several characters due to the wrong build, or uselessness with the right equipment in PVP and PVE.

The sites that will be discussed are aimed at developing gaming qualities, understanding the general meta, conditions for increasing the level of the game and various recommendations. There will also be services that will simplify the life of the player and help start their pumping on more favorable terms than other gamers.


The Skycoach service is worth contacting for players who do not want to spend a lot of time getting gold, equipment and completing raids.

The services are based on interaction with professional players with guarantees from the service and ensuring a high level of protection and anonymity between the player and the game administration.

Supplies of gold to the player’s inventory

To actively progress in WoW, you need a lot of gold. The higher your wealth, the better the weapons in terms of strength you can use, even at the initial levels. This means that you will deal with the monsters at lightning speed for quests and just for experience, and progress at a fast pace.

Gold will be delivered after the conclusion of the deal with Skycoach. The specified amount will be transferred to you through the exchange, to simulate a transaction under the classic interaction of other players. This is necessary so that representatives of the gaming administration do not suspect the player of dishonest play and do not confiscate the provided gold. In a parallel case, the service guarantees the return of funds provided for the service.

Skycoach step-by-step guide

Starting from the first minutes of the game, you have to choose your character and your preferred race, faction and class.

Then the logic of the project comes into force – a system of training, simple tasks to get acquainted with game mechanics and skills, help in understanding the system of professions, and after that – leaving the player to himself.

In order not to face the moment when the character loses its effectiveness due to the wrong build and talents, weak skills and class inapplicability in PVE and raids, frequent defeats in PVP.

To avoid this, interact with a professional Skycoach player. The trainer will be matched to the class you have chosen and will begin a systematic and effective training. To begin with, an option will be offered for selecting skills for the most suitable game style for the player – PVE, or PVP. The second important point of learning will be the understanding of the game meta – when the player himself understands in which direction the project will change and adjust his class to maintain efficiency simply by reading the patch notes.

Blizzard Forum

One of the most reliable and understandable sources of information on any game is the forums.

The players themselves will always determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project, the appropriate and unsuccessful ways of pumping skills, effective raids and the best reward.

The forum is useful in that all information and experience is checked by other players and everything that is ineffective or deceives other gamers is quickly identified and removed.

Not all information can be found in the guides, so you can create your own topic on the forum and ask for advice or opinion, which again will be checked by other players for adequacy and general benefit.

You may ask which stat should be buffed for your class first. For example, for a rogue and an archer, the critical attack parameter would be preferable – the more and more often your crit power, the more efficiently, and quickly you will destroy opponents. You can develop the parameter with the appropriate equipment, weapons and jewelry.

The higher the equipment class, the more additional boosts you will receive from one item. That is why players strive for legendary equipment – it is distinguished by increased attack parameters and critical attack power for weapons, armor and parameters for all important characteristics for your class.


One of the most informative sites dedicated to the World of Warcraft.

You will find the most detailed guides on characters and raids.

Many guides have already been compiled and written for the Dragonflight update, which is a little over three months old.

For example, in order to progress in the update, you need to collect and accumulate knowledge of dragons, master each of the islands, after a series of quests, discover the capital of dragons and get the opportunity to tame your own flying pet.

Owning a dragon will allow the player to take off and fly in any direction on the map for the first time. Previously, gamers traveled through the air only in scripted flights that followed the same mechanics without the possibility of control and intervention from the player.

You can find information and guidance on how to upgrade your dragon and character as a rider to be able to confidently sit in the saddle and not fly off the dragon at the slightest impact from enemies, and the pet will get the opportunity to learn tricks and unique customization.

For the character himself, this will give a big increase in overall mobility and the ability to farm the entire dragon island with great speed and activity. Some unique locations can only be visited on a dragon.

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