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The reliability and popularity of betting on WWE in 2024.


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has exploded in popularity over the last few years, becoming one of the most watched sports organizations on cable television. With sports betting now legalized in many states, there has been growing interest in wagering on the outcomes of WWE matches. However, the legitimacy of betting on events that involve predetermined outcomes has been hotly debated.

On the one hand, WWE falls into a gray area when it comes to sports betting. WWE itself has labeled its product as “sports entertainment” rather than pure competitive sports. The winners of matches are decided ahead of time by WWE executives, unlike major sports leagues. This has led many sportsbooks to prohibit betting on WWE events altogether, considering it a non-competitive event.

However, WWE and its fanbase have argued that there is still real athletic competition within each match. The participants are real athletes performing incredibly demanding physical feats, albeit with planned outcomes. As WWE’s audience has analyzed the inner workings of matches, there has become an interest in predicting the planned outcomes ahead of time. An entire online community exists dedicated to “fantasy booking” WWE events based on insider knowledge.

This has led some sportsbooks, driven by fan demand, to begin cautiously taking action on WWE events. The most common wagers are on match outcomes, with moneyline odds adjusted based on the perceived likelihood of potential winners and losers. Certain sportsbooks also offer prop bets – such as which wrestler will bleed first, the number of finisher moves hit, or the length of matches.

So how reliable is betting real money on the predetermined outcomes of WWE? The answer likely rests in the accuracy of “inside information” that bettors use to guide their picks. Well-connected fans who closely follow insider newsletters, podcasts, and online communities can gain reliable intel on WWE’s internal booking plans. This allows their betting choices to align with the most probable outcomes.

However, the average casual fan without backstage sources is at a big disadvantage. WWE frequently changes plans at the last minute based on a variety of factors. Vince McMahon, the CEO and head of creative, is known for tearing up scripts the day of an event if he feels like it. This unpredictability means those betting solely based on WWE’s public-facing storylines are likely wasting money.

Statistical modeling of wrestler’s win/loss records can also guide betting choices, although historical trends don’t always align with current storylines. Basing bets solely on past data could prove unreliable as well.

For states like North Carolina that recently legalized online sports betting, the lure of wagering on popular WWE events is strong. However, without accurate inside information, North Carolina bettors may end up losing money on this unique form of “sports entertainment.” Using Bonus Codes from sites like BetMGM North Carolina Bonus Code can help initially pad betting bankrolls to experiment with WWE matches. But over the long term, casual bettors should be wary before assuming any betting success.

In the end, betting on scripted outcomes comes down to how reliable someone’s insider knowledge is. Well-connected “fantasy bookers” might find success, but average fans are better off just enjoying WWE’s entertainment without risky bets. The predetermined nature of matches renders betting odds and records unreliable for those outside of the inner circle. While more states may legalize WWE betting given its popularity, bettors should be extremely cautious of getting in too deep without insider intel. Much like the action in the ring, WWE betting odds can never be taken solely at face value with so much behind-the-scenes deception at play.

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