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The most underrated skills in wrestling


In most sports, there are a few signature moves that are well known and sometimes overused. There are also subtle wrestling skills and drills that are effective but overlooked due to their simplicity and ease of application.

Our expert, Daniel Bennet, is a firm believer in developing and improving skills, whether you are gambling at Playamo casino or giving your all on the wrestling mat. This article gives some tips and advice on how you can hone your skills to be the best wrestler possible.

Basic But Effective Wrestling Skills That Are Overlooked

When starting out, you initially learn a few basic wrestling moves for beginners. These basic moves form the foundation of your sporting skillset. As you progress within the sport, you learn more advanced moves and incorporate these into your wrestling style.

The problem comes in when advanced wrestling techniques become your norm, and you no longer use the basic moves. One of these often overlooked skills in wrestling is defence. Most professional wrestling focuses on developing a strong and stylish offensive.

In order to be the best wrestler possible, you need to find a balance of both offence and defence. Here are the 9 most underrated moves and skills every wrestler should master:

1. Single Leg Defense

This move concentrates on hip rotation rather than leg usage as the name suggests. It is a beneficial move that transfers the superior position of the opponent’s offence by restricting their movement.

2. Outside Stand Up

This basic move requires a bit of practice. The important thing to remember when using this form of defence is to pivot off the ankle and not move it. This is an easy strategy to apply in order to regain a superior position.

3. Go-Behind

This maneuver is exceptional because it is versatile enough to be used both offensively and defensively. You can use the go-behind straight after a headlock or as an opportunity to pin your opponent. It is a basic move that can be slightly tweaked to gain an advantage.

4. Hip Heists

This move can be drilled and mastered. It is a basic skill that can assist you in getting out of a tight spot defensively. The technique needs to be precise in order for it to be successful.

5. Leg Attacks

Keeping things basic, the most important thing to remember with leg attacks is that the head should be up and the knees under. This heightens the level of power that you have over your opponent. Should your head drop, you lose your power stance, and your opponent has the potential to score multiple points. They are able to do this just by keeping your head down.

6. Mat Returns

Mat returns force your opponent back down to retain the superior position. It can interfere with your opponent’s defensive stand-up maneuver and allow you to maintain your advantage over them. There are various drills and techniques that can assist with mastering multiple mat return methods.

7. Ankle Pick

This move is great to remember when in a tied position with your opponent. It is easy to apply and can bring your opponent down quickly.

8. Slide-By

A slide-by is a defensive maneuver that momentarily allows your opponent to think they have the upper hand. By being fluid in your own movements, this defensive move can quickly turn offensive and bring your opponent down.

9. A Gut Wrench And Leg Lace

These are pretty rudimentary skills that can assist with winning. Going from a leg lace to a gut wrench allows you to lock up your opponent and do a side roll. These moves can be used both offensively or defensively.

Successful Wrestling

Players need to keep the 7 basic skills of wrestling in mind and keep it as the foundation of their strategy. Stance, motion, level change, penetration, lifting, back step, and arch must all be applied in a wrestling match to fully utilize your power. All seven basic skills are dominant in the basic moves mentioned above.

It is easier to win when you conserve the energy that would have been spent on complex moves and stick to the fundamentals for most of the game. Throwing in a fancy tilt here and there will keep the opponent guessing, but using them exclusively will only exhaust you.

It’s Time to Hit the Mat with These Skills

Keep things simple, incorporate all your basic wrestling skills, and try not to overlook the little things that could assist in easier wins.


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