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Cricket is an international sport that attracts thousands of people all around the world. If you are a cricket lover, you know how important it is to stay updated and informed. In this article, you will find the latest news and cricket score stats.

One of the most recent news that got everyone’s attention in the cricket world is connected with the top two batsmen in the world as of today: Virat Kohli and Steve Smith.

The former, who is an Indian batsman and the captain for Indian national cricket team has been the leader in ICC Test Rankings for several years now. According to the latest cricket news and stats on https://www.stumped.app/scores-fixtures, his score is more than impressive: 922 point. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that the cricketer will no longer maintain leadership. Steve Smith, who is an Australian batsman, is coming very close to Virat. According to the Test Rankings, he is right now on the second place with 913 points. There is no guarantee that Steve will beat Virat and become the number one, but the battle between these two greatest sportsmen in the history of cricket will be interesting to watch.

Why is Steve Smith out of the Third Test?

Another news that shocked the cricket community also has to do with the Australian batsman Steve Smith. It is reported that he was ruled out of the third Ashes Test due to a concussion. As it was reported before, on the fourth day of the second test Steve was hit by Jofra Archer, bowling all-rounder for an English team. At the time of the incident, Steve continued with the play as there were no signs of concussion.

However, on the next day, he was hit directly at the head again and it was decided that he should skip the third Ashes Test. Nevertheless, the Australian coach Justin Langer said that they will not initiate any feud between Australian and English teams. The coach states that although Steve Smith is an excellent cricketer, and it will be very difficult to replace him for the third Ashes Test, they still plan on winning and beating the English Cricket team.

Even though the Australian team and fans were quite down, they still managed to maintain the winning position. According to Scoreland, the scores are the following: 258 England (77.1 overs) vs. Australia’s 250 (94.3 overs). The fans all over the world are looking forward to seeing how the next Ashes tests will go and what the results will be.

In the light of the recent incident with Steve Smith who was forced to miss the Third Ashes test due to the concussion, the ICC allowed the substitutes to take place of the player in the cases of a concussion. In addition to this, BCCI decided to step in to prevent such a situation from happening again.

The board of Control for Cricket in India initiated a conversation with the players about the importance of wearing anti-concussion helmets. Nevertheless, the use of neck guards was left as an option and a decision of the player. There were a lot of experts who strongly argued that neck guards should be mandatory for each player to prevent such serious injuries from happening again.

We are looking forward to seeing how things turn out with the Ashes Tests. This championship is a sports event of international importance and we are sure that the Australian and English team will present us with excellent future matches. Stay with us to be informed and see more interesting cricket news.

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