Steps on how to clean your gym mat

Your gym mat needs a thorough cleaning, ideally after every use. Aside from being sweaty, it can also be stinky and dirty and you don’t really want to work out with a filthy gym mat.

If you are a gym owner, it is important that aside from your gym mats, even your gym floors are kept spic and span. Your gym floors can be made of tile, laminate, rubber or wood and the cleaning process of your gym floor depends on the material it is made of. But regardless of the material that your gym floor is made of, cleaning it can be a tedious task, which is best handled by the experts. The commercial cleaning services Reno NV residents recommend services rendered by professional and experienced staff, using eco-friendly products. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products is a must because of the stringent environmental policies in Nevada.

You can also use these eco-friendly products in cleaning your gym mats and the steps laid out below will make it effortless for you to do so.

Machine Wash


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Your gym mat will most likely have instructions for washing, but check if it has information for machine washing. If it does, try to load your gym mat evenly into the washer and select a delicate machine wash using warm water. Instead of powerful detergents, a gentle detergent such as those made for babies is a better alternative.


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Upon the cycle’s completion, carefully pull the mat out and roll it up with a dry towel. Step on the rolled mat to take off the excess water before hanging the mat up to dry. While drying, you can spray an environmentally safe mold spray to the mat.

Hand Wash

  • Outdoor Washing

If you prefer to wash your gym mat manually, you can do so outdoors. All you need for this process is a hose and some eco-friendly detergent.

  1. Roll the gym mat out on a clean concrete floor and sponge it clean on both sides.
  2. Rinse the mat using the hose.
  3. Roll up the gym mat with a towel and step on it to remove excess water.
  4. Hang it up to dry.
  • Indoor Washing

If outdoor cleaning is not possible, you can still clean your gym mat by hand indoors. Be sure to wash in the area with proper drainage as washing indoors can be messy.

  1. Fill up your tub with warm water, just enough to soak your gym mat.
  2. Sponge both sides of the mat clean.
  3. Drain your tub and rinse your gym mat completely.
  4. Shake your mat or roll it up and step on it to remove the excess water
  5. Hang it up for drying.

Ensure that you have clean gym mats every time you work out. You can clean it via machine wash or you can also hand wash it indoors or outdoors. There are also effective ways of cleaning a rubber, a tiled floor, a laminate, or a wooden gym floor to ensure that germs are kept at bay.

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