Quick reiteration of the mega Smith / Lombard UFC Fight Night 116

I bet UFC fans would not have missed the HUGE ultimate fighting championship between heavyweight maestros Anthony Smith and Hector Lombard. For the intellectually unfamiliar, this highly anticipated duel raked-in a colossal turnout at the PPG Paints Ring located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Even as fans poured at the PPG Arena on 16th September, the battle was assumed to be a 100% winning statement for the fighters, organizers, peers and of course, the paparazzi. Right after making a-not-so-grand comeback from an unsuccessful dope exam, Hector gave way under the brunt with his subsequent trio of battles. His encounter with Anthony was more like an inexperienced fighter who had taken several steps back instead of promoting upward.

People could see it on Lombard’s face the struggle which eventually allowed him to remain on the charts. On the other hand, Anthony Smith took the ring like a boss who snatched the opportunity and has displayed a way better performance than his rival. Overall it was a good match (at least for the spectators) and all eyeballs remain glued to Smith as he preps for the outlook.


Lady Luck Not with Hector Any More

The lack of aptitude was evident for the failing Lombard as he made rapid yet clumsy advances with reckless permutations. A fully prepped Smith took on each and every blow delivered by Hector Lombard by a tangential swings and lunges in the mid section which earned him a premature victory. It was a mere 1.5 minute bout for the initial round when Hector did the saving grace by a few solid shots. This Hectoring delivery sent Mr. Smith careening into the alley with double legs in tow.

Although Smith looked really bad, he quickly regained his smashed stupor and was back on his feet before the countdown. Agility is the USP of Lombard as he retaliated to the regain by Smith and bagged a bit more points with spot-on volleys. His aggression towards the front leg conveyed optimum results as Smith displayed sluggish conduct right after the attack. Both players showed exceptional sportsmanship, much to the delight of the viewers, but initially lady luck had hers charms around Lombard for the 1st round. (Get Instant News Alerts Here)

Is It Gone in 60 Seconds Again?

On an attention-grabbing note, it was Hector Lombard with his new found achievement by freely delivering lower-abs kicks that he relied on this stratagem way too much. It was only in the 2ndbout that his luck ran out tentatively – to injuries or weariness – but Anthony Smith also went on the same note by being a tad slower than the opening. Lombard took this aspect as an apt chance to work against his drawback pertaining to range. Fans were busy comprehending the odds on mobile at the same epoch.


In the concluding sixty seconds of the bout, it was Smith who got a sudden revival. He had a crack at Hector with his right fist, making a quick succession of a mid kick and the subsequent second right-hander dazed his rival. He once again upped his ante with the final round by making it a very close one and made his way to a higher degree than Lombard. Both heavyweights had their share of weariness but Smith would not give up the ghost that easy. Hector tried an unsuccessful pursuit by eventually delivering one crack in the process but the entire milieu had the name of Anthony Smith in conclusion.

Positive Market for UFC Betting

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship being a big name in evolving sport globally, it is imperative for aspirant punters and fans to understand the odds of the game. There is a basketful of events held throughout the year just as the one hosted at the PPG Arena in mid September. With such events come elite sports books and UFC betting sites which allow potential bettors to acquire positive profits on their endeavors. Leading online bookmaking portals including Betway advises betting participants to explore the fine print before placing a bet on their favorite UFC fighter. Such sites also allow free registration and sign-up perks to make the overall experience even better.

Concluding Epoch for Mr. Smith

It was truly a fatigued round for Lombard as he tried his best to trail Smith but unfortunately gave way to a quick right fist which almost cracked his rival’s nut, to which he immediately withdrew from the pursuit. However, Lombard tried extending a blow as a contradictory attack but missed. This made it an easy 1-2 for Smith as he cracked his opponent’s jaw line for a succeeding uninterrupted KO in the 3rd bout; akin to The Edge showdown in TNA wrestling.

The Sunday night gave Smith his major victory and another ace up his sleeve for his career. Despite his game might not appear rather amusing, it does work for him on the whole. After winning the bout with Lombard he was still able to stand and glance at his opponent for any sudden comebacks. It was truly a grand show with an incredible knockout to end the game.

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