Most entertaining WWE wrestlers ever

Wrestling isn’t strictly what you would call ‘real-life entertainment’ – there’s plenty of bravado and acting going on, but one thing that is real is the JackpotJoy bonus that is currently on offer. Whether you’ve taken part in online casino games or not in the past, it’s always good to take a breather from sports betting and try something new.

This is exactly what you can do through the Casino.com promo code too, all thanks to a huge catalog of games and great features. There really is some top entertainment on offer, but of course, this entertainment is completely different from the world of professional wrestling.

WWE provides excitement in massive proportions, and while there are some great superstars in the business today, there have been some absolute legends in the ring over the years.

Remember These Guys?

The Rock

The younger readers amongst us may only know The Rock as Dwayne Johnson, the insanely muscular guy who seems to be involved in every movie under the sun right now. Things weren’t always this way for Dwayne Johnson, for he had an incredible career in the WWE before he jumped onto the big screen.

The Rock, as he was referred to in the WWE, entertained millions of fans by his awesome charisma and unique insults of other competitors. It was clear through his dance moves, singing, and ring behavior that he was an entertainer, and he’s used this talent to become a huge Hollywood success.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Good old ‘Steve Austin’, or The Rattlesnake as he was called back then was another great character in the WWE. Steve Austin was truly a rebel of the WWE, and he had quite a few moments with The Rock over the years. Austin was what they would call a Redneck, as he would speak with his country slang and drink beer whenever he could.

Of course, all of this was for show, but it certainly made the fans sit up and take note of what a great entertainer Austin was. He was one of the guys that would engage with the crowd the most when he was in the ring. It got so ridiculous at one point that Austin would speak a sentence and the crowd would all scream – what? Don’t ask us how this came about, but it sure kept the whole WWE fun and engaging.

Ric Flair

‘Nature Boy’, as Ric Flair was affectionately referred to in the WWE was a bit of a surprise superstar really. To start with, he wasn’t a young guy by any means. He was already a silver fox when he started in the WWE, and he almost seemed mentally unstable at times. Flair didn’t help matters by screaming ‘woo’ whenever he had the chance, which let’s face it, isn’t a normal thing to be doing.

There was something quite lovable about this guy when he entered the ring, however, and for an older superstar, he certainly brought plenty of energy to the show.

There were more awesome superstars than just these guys that have played their part over the years, but these were our top three for sure.


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