Is wrestling popular enough to make It back?

Wrestling is such a goofy pastime, some would say. Yet, it has been around for years now, and it’s returned on TNT with the Dynamite show. The two-hour national prime time broadcast is designed as an ambitious experiment, merging showmanship and the love for seeing people punched and hit with chairs together.

Of course, it is mostly a show, and while it’s one of the most ambitious illusions out there, there is a following steadfast build around the entire activity. TNT last tried to have a prime-time show back in 1995. Since that time, nobody has attempted to restore the sport to its former glory. Well, we say nobody, but there have been many wrestling games since! But where can you find these cool wrestling games? Well, it’s simple. Just visit https://holymolycasinos.com and find the casinos with the best gaming catalogs out there, including the ones that feature Lucha Libre.

Yet, TNT is back at it, and the Dynamite returned on October 2 under the critical and somewhat captivated gazes of hundreds of thousands in front of the main screen and live from the One Arena in Washington, D.C.

Wrestling as a Cultural Phenomenon

Believe it or not, wrestling is a cultural phenomenon. In the United States, the activity has been completely reinvented as showmanship, but then again – isn’t that what America does? We take something that you can call mundane and transform it into a glitz-and-glamour-covered end-product that is ready for consumption.

There haven’t been any complaints so far. Yet, the sport did indeed find itself declining in overall popularity. And for years now, the industry has been fighting back against more popular forms of entertainment.

Before Netflix and HBO made it possible to stream quality shows online, many of us would just switch the shows and watch. There was hype; there was anticipation. Not much of this remains today, although the fan base remains strong.

Of course, some of us remained utterly committed to the sport – no questions asked there. And our loyalty is simple to explain –it is a high entertainment cultural phenomenon, and even if it’s somewhat silly on occasion, it’s still a career-trampoline, a cool pastime and the ability to just let go and be amazed on time.

Other Places You Will Find Wrestling

Wrestling has spawned so many various activities – for ‘The Rock,’ it started his acting career. For ambitious actors with the athletic aptitude, it has been an immensely fun way to make a living. Yet you can find this event all over the place.

Even online gaming with games such as Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre 2 offers you a chance to be amazed and become a wrestler yourself, even momentarily!

When we look back at wrestling, the activity definitely stood high in its primer. Today, the numbers are a little more challenging. The old faces are not going to be featured in the Dynamite, so there’s no more Kane, Rikishi or Stone Cold for you, but then again – we can’t wait to see the new faces either!


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