In which US states can you legally bet on wrestling?

There are more than 11 million fans of WWE in the US and professional wrestling is one of the most popular sports when it comes to the level of entertainment provided. To further add to this entertainment level, many enthusiasts look for opportunities to place a bet on their favorite sport.

Since the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 which lifted the prohibition of sports gambling, more than two dozen states have legalized sports betting in some form. This includes New Jersey which made its move just weeks after the Supreme Court decision, in June 2018 and now has 24 sportsbooks operating as you can see from this table.

The sportsbooks that operate in New Jersey, and other states that have legalized sports betting such as New York, provide betting a variety of wagering options. This includes betting on sports such as NFL, baseball, basketball, and horse racing. However, US-based sportsbooks do not provide betting on wrestling as an option.

Why do US based sportsbooks not offer betting on wrestling as an option?

You only need to look at the line taken by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to understand why wrestling is not provided as an option for wagering at US based sportsbooks. This line is that anything which is not decided on the field, and is able to be decided by opinion, is not permitted as a betting option.

This applies to wrestling which is predetermined and scripted. So, there is no facility to bet on wrestling at any US sportsbook. However, it’s not illegal for US fans to bet on wrestling at offshore sportsbooks as there is nothing specific in law that prohibits it.

Why is betting on wrestling popular?

One of the main reasons why people in the US, and worldwide, like to gamble on wrestling is that they love the sport and placing a wager further increases the level of fun to be had.

There is also good value to be had from betting on wrestling. This is because most sportsbooks offer good odds for bets.

Finally, a further reason why betting on wrestling is popular is that the risks are low. This is because sportsbooks limit the amount that can be wagered as wrestling results are predetermined and could be leaked. The lower maximum bets available mean that bettors do not lose a lot of money even if their wagers are unsuccessful.

Types of bets on wrestling

For anyone who wants to place a bet on wrestling, there are several options including:

  • Choosing who will win a specific match.
  • Selecting who will retain a title.
  • Opting for who will nearly win a match but will ultimately be unsuccessful.
  • Choosing either Top Babyface or Top Heel to be successful.

Even though US based sportsbooks do not provide this type of betting action, North America is one of the biggest markets for betting on wrestlers as fans use offshore sportsbooks to place their bets.

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