How can a wrestling superstar entertain himself in unusual ways?

Have you ever wondered what wrestling superstars do when they have the afternoon off? Do WWE wrestlers spent their time on online lottery sites, playing with their money, or go to parties with other famous people? Yes, they probably do all of that from time to time, but some of their hobbies may surprise you.

Even a WWE superstar is still a human being, and needs to relax and unwind from the spotlight. Some of these stars have unusual hobbies that fans wouldn’t expect them to enjoy based on their character on TV. So, how can wrestling superstars entertain themselves when not on the ring?


One of the fan’s favorite Japanese wrestlers is a big fan of surfing. When Shinsuke Nakamura lived in Japan, the beach was only 10 minutes from his home, so he could practice his beloved sport whenever he wanted. Nowadays, he lives in Orlando, so his options are much more narrowed, but he still tries to fit surfing into his daily activities.

In the past, he was frequently featured in several Japanese magazines due to his surfing skills, and he was taking many other starts with him on the beach. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to go with him and surf on a hot day?

Collecting Lego

When Finn Balor injured his back in 2016, he was horrified. It was the worst thing for him, as he injured his shoulder and he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to… build his Legos. Yes, he was more concerned about his hobby than his wrestling career. Fortunately, he recovered not long afterward, so he could go back to assembling Lego sets. He couldn’t wrestle for months more, but it wasn’t his biggest concern. He was happy with his Legos, and he was taking his time going back on the ring.


Gardening is an excellent hobby for everyone, as it promotes entertainment in the fresh air, and it’s good for the environment. Additionally, you can grow your own vegetables and enjoy fresh, unpolluted food. It is actually proven, that taking care of plants can significantly reduce stress and improve mental health.

The person who knows all about that is Daniel Bryan, the former World Champion. He has shown on numerous occasions, that he loves gardening, and moreover, his General Manager stated, that he would love to have his own gardening show when he retires from the wrestling world. He is already posting videos of him and his wife taking care of their plants.


Gaming is a popular hobby all over the world. It is estimated that in 2020 there were over 2.7 billion gamers across the globe. Few of these are famous WWE wrestlers like John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods.

Cena, one of the most-known wrestlers in the wrestling business, frequently talks about his childhood and his time playing Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short). His favorite games are Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Ice Climber, and Urban Champion. Although he doesn’t have much time for playing, he still does it in his free time.

Reigns is a well-known gamer, who often plays cooperatively with his fans. He is seen playing various games, but his favored one seems to be Call of Duty. You can see him online mostly when he is in the sanctity of his house, away from his fellow WWE stars.


Once in a while, everyone has to calm down and take a break from all the adrenaline. Reading books has been one of the oldest hobbies since the beginning of writing, but currently, less and less people engage in this form of entertainment. Luckily, we still have people like The Undertaker who enjoy nothing more than getting lost in his favorite book, except for maybe being on the ring. One of the biggest WWE superstars in history was always bringing many books on the road, so they kept him out of trouble while working for WWE.

Dressing Up

This may be the weirdest hobby you will find on this list, but it’s all true. Braun Strawman, The Monster Among Men in WWE, was a member of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds, when he had an opportunity to dress up as a number of things as part of WWE TV. His favorite hobby seems to be dressing up in female costumes, as he recently showed up in a rather revealing Wonder Woman costume. Once, he showed up on the ring in Santa Clause costume, and he even dyed his signature beard white.

The Bottom Line

Though it may seem different, it is important to remember that famous wrestlers are the same people as everyone on the planet. They are probably just slightly more muscular than most of us. Nevertheless, they all need other things to do in their free time. They live a life full of action and adrenaline, so they all need to simply chill out and relax from time to time.

Some of these hobbies are also a great way to strengthen the bond between wrestlers and their fans. The audience loves to watch videos of Balor assembling various Lego sets or cheering for Strowman in freaky costumes.

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