Five common mistakes in wrestling betting

If you are a keen fan of wrestling, you might want to turn your passion into a profitable hobby by indulging in wrestling betting. To get started in wrestling betting, you need to know the basics of the sport, the meaning of odds, and you also need to familiarise yourself with the betting market.

Contrary to common belief, in wresting betting it is impossible to get things right every time. So, you should not be too hard on yourself when you get things wrong. Nevertheless, you can try and improve your betting strategy by avoiding the most common mistakes in wrestling betting; below, you will find five of the most common mistakes to avoid.

1. Ignoring a fighter’s condition

This is one of the most fatal mistakes a punter can make not only in wrestling betting, but in all individual sports as well. Conditioning is essential in every fight, as it directly affects a fighter’s speed, endurance, and speed of punches.

Of course, fighters who have a history of beating their opponent early in the match can rely on their strength more and on their conditioning less, as they probably will not have to hold on for long. That is not to say that they can be in a bad condition, though, especially if the match lasts more than expected.

Having said that, physical condition is not all that matters. In fact, a fighter’s mental condition is just as important, because they might have the stamina to fight until the end of the match, but they will not perform well if their mental condition is deteriorated.

To get the latest updates on a fighter’s condition, follow matches closely and do not ignore the statistics.

2. Passing on training camp stats

Another common mistake, performed by both beginners and professional punters, is passing on training camp data. In actuality, a fighter’s training camp activities play a crucial role in how well they perform in matches. What makes training camp activities important is that they can provide you with a chance to understand statistics in a better way and therefore place more informed bets.

In order to get the most from training camp stats, you need to focus on training activities, as well as on the fighter’s relationship with their instructors, and on his fighting style. Additionally, you can pay attention to the fighter’s concentration and emotional stability. Our advice – do not put money on a fighter that looks like they have been drinking the night before – you will probably lose money.

3. Focusing on a career record

Football and basketball bettors know that a team’s long-term career has an impact on their modern-day performance. But in wrestling, the case is not such. Naturally, a fighters condition deteriorates over the years, so focusing on how they performed 10 or 15 years ago will not be of help when placing a bet. Another thing to keep in mind is that most top rated betting websites provide you with a handy summary of fighters’ professional records, meaning you might not have to search for the information elsewhere.

In general, most punters use data from fighters’ previous matches and they rarely analyse matches that took place over a year ago.

4. Making decisions based on one set of skills

Wrestling is not considered a sport that utilises a number of skills and fighting techniques. As a matter of fact, most wrestlers come from various martial arts leagues, as a result from which they have gained a mind-blowing diversity of fighting skills, ready for use in each match.

Most experts say that focusing on one set of the fighter’s skills when making bet is like betting on a football team because of the skills of just one player. So, if you think that betting on a fighter just because their style includes strong takedowns is a good idea, you might end up losing. To be a professional punter, never base your decisions on just one set of skills. Instead, try to analyse their fighting style more thoroughly.

5. Choosing personality over skill

We have to admit that wrestling is more show business than actual combat sport. But, to be most precise, wrestling is neither a show business, nor a combat sport. Instead, it is a mix between the two. And the most popular fighters reflect that – most of them are charismatic almost as much as they are talented. Of course, there are also those fighters who tend to rely on the show to achieve popularity.

Professional wrestling bettors know how to differentiate the show from the sport in order to place winning bets based on hard facts. That is why you will rarely see a punter worth their salt put money on fighter who focus on the show. Instead, they back fighters who stand out from the rest because of their skills, and not their charisma.

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