Everything you need to know about WWE betting

People never used to bet for WWE since the show was scripted. However, with advancements in technology, things have changed, and online betting platforms like Uptown Pokies now provide betting services for wrestling.

The WWE franchise has been a global leader in providing scripted entertainment for fans both inside and outside the stadia and has exhibited great success. WWE boasts one of the enormous fan bases, being broadcasted in over 180 countries globally. Every week, the show is viewed by over millions of households and has earned the attention of diverse demographics worldwide.

Storylines in WWE are well guided, and it is never easy to predict who will win in the next match. This is one of the reasons that made it a good candidate for betting.

Types of WWE bets

One thing that makes WWE betting fun is that the bets are simple and diverse. Some areas to wager include the longest ring time, first-time winner, bout outcome bets, elimination bets, appearance bets, and first to appear.

In the longest ring time wager, the gamblers bet on which wrestler will spend the most time in the ring in a given event. This is a fun and easy bet and depends on how fast your wrestler meets their fate.

As the name suggests, first-time winner bets are placed on wrestlers that have never won before. Usually, gamblers wage a small amount on this bet as the wrestlers have no prior experience of winning. While that is the case, it is still a fan bet as it helps fans discover new talent and focus on more than one wrestler.

In bout outcome bets, the gamblers wage on how they think the event will end. They are mostly inclined on the how and not who will win.

On the other hand, elimination bets are for events like the Royal Rumble. Fans bet on the wrestlers that will eliminate other contestants from the ring.

Appearance and first to appear bets are not based on who will win in a particular event. Instead, the gambler bets on the wrestler who will appear in an event and the wrestler who will make the first appearance at an event, respectively.

Some of the other best events to bet on in WWE include match win, near fall, retain the title, brand winner, and top heel, to mention a few.

Why do fans love WWE betting?

WWE is one of the most betted events, and you are likely to wonder why people would bet on a scripted show. One of the reasons that make it one of the most gambled-on events is the huge fan base it attracts in different parts of the world and its diverse demographics.

One of the reasons that motivate fans to bet includes the hidden value for money that WWE has. Note that bookmakers have not had a lot left to invest in WWE as they are focusing on main markets such as sports like soccer. They thus have to minimize possible losses. If you bet on WWE, you are more likely to get some yield as much as the bets are usually simple.

WWE bets also have reduced risks. Bookmakers have imposed limits on the bets to protect their investment. One thing to note is that as bookmakers protect themselves, you also get to enjoy capped amounts that will also save you from losing a lot.

Gamblers are less likely to be carried away and spend too much on WWE betting compared to other sports betting.

Betting strategies for WWE

As much as WWE is unique compared to other types of betting, gamblers still need to have strategies to win the bets. Its unique nature could also make it easy to develop sound strategies.

Considering the fact that WWE is scripted, gamblers do not dwell so much on the wrestlers’ skills; instead, they focus on the patterns. So what should you be looking for in WWE patterns? One is the history of scripting habits. This is the one thing that can make the events predictable to your advantage.

If you have been watching the show for a long time, you have some insights into some of the wrestlers’ approaches. For instance, some wrestlers make an appearance when their rival wins a title. This information alone can inform an appearance bet.

The fighting techniques of certain wrestlers may also be superior to those of their opponents, increasing their chances of winning. Keeping this in mind can help you come up with a winning strategy.

Surprises in past events may also inform your bets. The writers have patterns they are highly likely to repeat. Being in touch with the writer’s preferences will keep you a step ahead. You can almost predict a surprise that will be pulled in appearance, informing your betting choices. Another thing you can consider is past biases.

Remember that the writers are human, and the events are subject to bias. Past biases can help you predict the wrestler that will take the title in a given match.


WWE is one of the best entertainments that you can bet on. Not only do sportsbooks offer a wide range of WWE bets, but they are also fun and low-risk. Understanding the different types of bets available and strategies employed by gamblers will heighten your experience.

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