Cisco 300-115 SWITCH: remembering key moments and details of the most popular retired exam with practice tests

February 24, 2020 was a breaking point in the Cisco certification program. Almost all of the old paths have been changed to the new versions, most of which can be considered the combinations of the previous credentials. Thus, the content from CCNP Routing and Switching is now a part of CCNP Enterprise. The older certificate had three exams that the applicants needed to pass in order to earn it, and a lot of topics are still relevant to this day.

In this article, we will talk about Cisco 300-115 SWITCH. Why this test, you may ask? Continue to read to find out.

Recent changestoCisco CCNP certification path

In the new Cisco CCNP track, you have to pass two tests: core and concentration. If you look closely, you may notice that one of the concentration exams (300-410 ENARSI) has similar topics to our retired test(300-115 SWITCH). This is one of the main reasons why we decided to remember this fallen warrior. To know more details, let’s start with the basics that all the potential candidates should know before taking this exam.

Important details of Cisco 300-115 certification exam

IT Certification Exams was a qualifying test for the CCDP and the CCNP R&S certificates. It still confirms the switching skills and knowledge of those applicants who had passed it with flying colors. These individuals are certified in planning, verifying, and configuring the implementation of complex switching solutions of those enterprises that mainly use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. For your information, it was vital to know the following facts:

  • Exam format

To cover a larger audience, this certification test was available in Japanese and English. The average number of questions you could expect was between 45 and 55. And the time for completing the Cisco 300-115 exam was strictly 2 hours.

  • Question types

It was possible to come across several types of questions. Thus, you could face with drag and drop. In order to get all the points for these ones, you needed to complete tasks that include organizing a list of certain things into groups or putting it in the correct order.The Cisco 300-115 test also had at least one scenario-based question. Typically, they usually include a long problem description that sets up a scenario, simulated switch or switches, and a network diagram that requires your interpretation. It was a very useful experience for any applicant. To complete these questions, you had to connect to every simulated switch and then enter configuration commands, especially based on the goals that are presented in the description text. Usually, these scenarios require that you spend a great deal of time on verifying that each function of the feature you have configured is correctly working visit http://www.certbolt.com .

  • Registration options

As always, Cisco works with Pearson VUE to provide the opportunity for all the examinees to pass their tests with the help of a trusted and verified testing centre.There are several Pearson VUE centers around the world. When registering for any Cisco certification exam, you should find out the nearest one or just take your test online.

Main topics of Cisco 300-115 certification exam

Cisco 300-115 was divided intothree major topics, from which the questions were developed. Each section was further subdivided into various sections, breaking down each skill into smaller concepts.Most of the content is now a part of Cisco 300-410, so you can check the information below to decide whether it will be useful to consider using prep materials of Cisco 300-115.

  1. Layer 2 Technologies

The concepts tested under this objective include the configuration and verification of switch administration, Layer 2 protocols, VLANs, other LAN switching technologies, spanning tree, and trucking.You could also learn about chassis virtualization aggregation technologies.

Cisco 300-410 ENARSI covers more details related to Layer 2 technologies but it won’t hurt to add some additional information to your main study.

  1. Infrastructure Security

This section mainly deals with the configuration and verification of switch security features and use of Cisco IOS AAA with RADIUS and TACAS+ to describe device security. This domain gave the students the relevant knowledge of storm control, private VLAN, port security, IP Source Guard, DHCP snooping, and Dynamic ARP inspection.

  1. Infrastructure Service

This subject focuses on configuring and verifying first-hop redundancy protocols. The questions from this topic tested one’s knowledge of GLBP, VRRP, and HSRP.

Key benefits of using study materials for Cisco 300-115 certification exam

While the above-described topic areas were the main focus of the Cisco 300-115 exam, there may bea few questions that can appear in the new version.That is why we recommend that you think about checking this SWITCH test more carefully to be ready for anything.The best way to prepare for any certification exam that you need to pass is to cover all the objectives related to the course. The information about the ones we described above is not a requirement but it can be a pleasant addition to obtaining the necessary skills, especially if you are considering passing Cisco 300-410.

You should be sure that you are covering all the possible areas by taking the training course offered by Cisco at Cisco Academy, or from any other platform licensed to offer such type of preparation. You can also complement your training course by using verified resources from PrepAway. There, you can find a huge list of free exam dumps for Cisco 300-115 and even download a simulator for them. Moreover, this website has much more to offer. You can buy various study materials,such as guides, video courses, and practice tests.


If you are about to take one of the new CCNP certification exams, knowing Cisco 300‑115 will help you become even more professional in the field. So, why not get at least free resources? They will certainly help you form a complete picture of the content that you need to master in order to get the desired credential.


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